On Site Emergency Plan

We prepares On-Site Emergency Plan is required as per rule Rule 68-J of Gujarat Factories Rules 1963 (2004) in Schedule – 8A and Schedule – 11 (Rule-13(1)) of MSIHC Rules, 1989(2000) and as per Rule 102 Schedule XIX (Chemical Works) of Gujarat Factories Rules 1963 (2004) .

On Site Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (EPRP) is to mitigate any emergency occurring within plant, project site while carrying out process, constructional activities may cause injuries or loss of life or damage to property or disruption inside as well as outside the site. The emergency in the project site could be as a result of abnormal functioning within the site or caused by third parties or by natural factors. Considering the activities carried out in the site and importance of preserving life and property within and outside the site.

Safety Report Preparation

We also prepare and update Safety Report in Schedule-8 as per Rule 68-J(9)(1) of Gujarat Factory Rules-1963 and Rule 10(1) of MSIHC Rules 1989.