Fire Safety Engineering

The building industry is constantly innovating in pursuit of environmental, economic and construction efficiency. It is the role of the fire safety engineer to understand, anticipate and react to these innovations to ensure that disaster is avoided.

Fire Safety Engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles, rules [Codes], and expert judgment, based on an understanding of the phenomena and effects of fire and of the reaction and behavior of people to fire, to protect people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of fire.

These objectives will be achieved by a variety of means including such activities as:

  • the assessment of the hazards, risks of fire and its effects,
  • the mitigation of potential fire damage by, proper design, construction and layout use of buildings, materials used, structures, industrial processes, transportation systems and similar
  • the appropriate level of evaluation for the optimum preventive and protective measures necessary to limit the consequences of fire,
  • the design, installation, maintenance and/or development of fire detection, fire suppression, fire control. Also fire related communication systems and equipment,
  • the direction and control of appropriate equipment and manpower in the strategy and function of fire fighting and rescue operations,
  • Post-fire investigation and analysis, evaluation and feedback.

Fire Safety Engineering Services are mainly used for the new building planning stage, modification of planning stage. Fire Safety Engineering Services is mainly focused on the Life Safety with National and International Code and standards.


Fire Safety Management

An international firm of fire safety consultant wide range of fire safety related services.

A fire safety management services are applicable when any organization has planning or developed the HSE Department which its function to save the life and properties, To running the HSE Department our Fire Safety Management Services are widely used which include the preparation of Fire manual as per the their company requirement and code of conduct to run the department, Fire Evacuation plan which include the detailed strategies for the building evacuation and requirement of Fire and Life Safety requirement as per the current standards. We are also providing the Fire Audit which covers the all aspect of the fire safety requirement as per the fire standards and best engineering practices. We are also providing the Fire Risk Assessment, Disaster Management – Emergency Planning.

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Performance Based Engineering

A new design approach provides flexibility but requires facility executives to exercise care in planning future building modifications

Fire Safety Manpower

Complete Fire Design Solutions is providing manpower supply related to Fire and Safety Department on our pay roll to client. We are providing the excellent manpower as per the client requirement such as Fireman, Driver cum Pump Operator DCPO, Fire Supervisor, Fire Officer, Lead Fireman. Our Manpower are qualified and experienced. We are proving the manpower to Oil and Gas, Chemical, Port, Power Plant and Manufacturing units at all over the India. Our Manpower are protected by Modern PPEs. We are also providing them all legal requirement including the PF, ESIC, PT, WC, Medical, Third party Liability Insurance Policy. We have more than 15000 Number of Manpower database those who are working within various type of industries.


Fire Protection Engineering

In Fire Protection Engineering, we are proving the wide range of service including the pre-design survey, as built drawing, hydraulics calculation, BOQ Calculation, Make Recommendation, Adequacy check for existing fire protection system, Supply of material, Installation, Services, Annual Maintenance Contract, NOC Clearance from Local Fire Brigade Authorities. We are working for fire hydrant system, Sprinkler System, High velocity Spray System, Medium Velocity Spray System, CO2 flooding System, FM200 Flooding System, Modular Installation, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm and Detection System, VESDA System. We have wide range of products and make as per the client requirement.

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